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And the FX:2 Winners Are . . .






#77                 MOUNTAIN BEAUTY                     ANDY BOOTHE                  ROANOKE, VA       



First                           # 44     MESMERIZED                     CONRAD MATUIK               LEXINGTON VA

Second                      #82      RIVER MIST                          LIZ DRAHOS                        LEXINGTON VA

HON. MENTION         #85      SEEKING                              LIZ DRAHOS                        LEXINGTON VA

                                    #32     ROBEO & BABY

BLUE JULIET                        DANIELE PIASECKI           MARTINBURG WV


First                           #64     IT’S A TRAP!                         GAIL CASKIE                       LEXINGTON VA

Second                      #60     ALL IN THE FAMILY            GREG PERSINGER           CLIFTON FORGE

HM                              #65     WAITING                               GAILCASKIE                        LEXINGTON VA

                                    #73     FIELD OF HORNS               LANCE CRAFT                    COVINGTON VA

SHOW Motion

First                           #83     ADRIFT                                  LIZ DRAHOS                        LEXINGTON VA

Second                      #80      MISTING FALLS                  NANCY MARGAND            LEXINGTON VA

HM                              #58     BLURRED FLIGHT              DONNA RHODES               CLIFTON FORGE

                                    #50     TRABOULE PASSAGE      DEBORAH HERNDON       EVANSVILLE IN


FIRST                         #77     MOUNTAIN BEAUTY          ANDY BOOTHE                   ROANOKE VA

Second                      #24     C&O SUNSET                      CHUCK ALMAREZ             CLIFTON FORGE

HM                              #94     VALLEY MOONRISE          MICHELE FLETCHER        LEXINGTON VA

#48     TIDE TUNNEL                      DEBORAH HERNDON       EVANSVILLE IN

#78     RIPPLES ON THE JAMES       ANDY BOOTHE                   ROANOKE VA


First                           #45     CATWALK                             CONRAD MATUIK               LEXINGTON VA

Second                      #70      LEE CHAPEL BY NIGHT    MITCHEL T. KELLER         LEXINGTON VA

HM                             #92     SHELTER ON THE SAND  RUTH STURGILL                RONCEVERTE WV



First                           #46     OLD BARN, OLD TRUCK   CONRAD MATUIK               LEXINGTON VA

Second                      #67     FIREFLY                               MITCHEL T KELLER           LEXINGTON VA

HM                              #33     ROBEO & BABY BLUE JULIET, BICYCLE

                                                                                                DANIELE PIASECKI           MARTINBURG WV


First                           #87     VINTAGE SANTAS             BONNIE KEYSER              COVINGTON VA

Second                      # TAKE YOUR BIKE & SNOWBALL      

                                                                                                DANIELE PIASECKI           MARTINBURG WV     


A PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD will be announced at the conclusion of the exhibit on December 28.  Everyone is invited to vote for their favorite piece using the ballots in the gallery.


Judge for this year’s exhibit was Ed Gallucci of Roanoke, VA. Gallucci is a professional photographer with 45 years of experience. His portraits of musicians and celebrities have been published in Crawdaddy, Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Penthouse, and his editorial photographs have appeared in Business Week, Fortune, US News & World Report, Discover, New York Magazine, Psychology Today and Science magazines, as well as on more than 40 covers of Newsweek.

He is the photographic author of “Hard Corps” collaborating with author Michael Grumley, published by E.P. Dutton in 1977. Gallucci has won over 100 advertising industry awards, including five Andys and two Clios. Thousands of his photographs have appeared on print ads, billboards, book covers, annual reports, catalogs, and brochures.

His works, among them a portrait of Springsteen, are in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art permanent photography collection in Kansas City, Missouri. Ed is one of the first photographers to photograph a young Bruce Springsteen and the future E Street Band for editorial use. The Bruce Springsteen photographs were featured in a one-man show, “The Crawdaddy Years and Beyond”, at Monmouth University October 2012. Monmouth University is home of the Bruce Springsteen library where 40 of Ed’s photographs are part of their permanent collection. Ed has lectured on the art of photography at Monmouth University, Montclair State University and Pratt Institute. Filling a life-long dream, 6 of Ed’s B&W photographs were made part of the Brooklyn Museum’s permanent collection in October of 2013. He is looking forward to a future traveling one-man show at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

Gallucci was born and raised in Park Slope Brooklyn, graduated high school in 1964 Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, studied graphic design and has a BFA in photography from the Kansas City Art Institute 1967-2013. He founded Gallucci Studio, Inc. in New York City in 1978, Sun Dog Ltd in 1994, Gallucci Imaging, Inc. in New Jersey 1999.

He has three grown children and lives with his wife Donna in Roanoke, Virginia.

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